About Us

Hey Folks, Welcome to  YourTechGuide.net .  We are a team of  3  – (1) TechTrio   (2 ) Shahid Fakih   (3) Roshan Lobo . Our aim is to write and share quality content for people around the globe.  Every information that you find on Your Tech Guide is free of cost.


  • Tech Trio :  Real name ( Kept Secret)

Tech Trio would not like to reveal his real name as of now. He has his personal reasons behind it. Anyways  it was Tech Trios idea to form a team of three and to create YTG .  He is the Founder and Editor in Chief of  YTG.

  • Shahid Fakih

Shahid is the co-admin and author of YTG

  • Roshan Lobo

Roshan is also a co-admin and author of YTG