Five Best Office Chairs in India under Rs 7000

Picking the best office chairs  for your home or office is really a daunting task. It’s not that easy, trust me. You may just run out to a store and purchase the most fanciest looking one but, your back will not thank you for it.  If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you simply cannot sit on a plastic chair. Don’t tell me you feel comfortable sitting on a plastic chair for 8 -10 hours,  I would simply call you a mutant. You surely will face problems in future.  Experts recommend exercise at regular intervals but we all ignore it, don’t we? To be honest, I experience pain in my neck from prolonged computer use. After extensive research I have purchased a high back office chair and I must admit, it feels really comfortable. Most people cannot afford Rs 20000 –  Rs 50000 office chair. So the bigger question is  what’s the best office chair for people on a budget. Hence, I shortlisted a few chairs that would fit my budget. I won’t claim its the best office chairs money can buy but definitely some of the best chairs under Rs 7000. Today, I will share my top 5 nominations. They all offer great value and comfort but its up-to you to finalize the one you want to buy.

Best Office Chairs In India


This beauty is my favorite. I purchased it from Snapdeal for around Rs 4440. The actual price is around 6800 but I was lucky enough to get Rs 2000 discount. Best Independence discount by Snapdeal. Its cozy and comfortable. The built quality is superb as well. You certainly won’t regret after buying it.  I will post a detailed review of the Pewrex Buzzer Office Chair soon.


This chair really looks sexy and premium at the same time. The black leatherette material and the chrome plated metal base adds a sense of style and charisma to the space. You can purchase this product for 6880 from Snapdeal or flipkart.


The innovative design and attractive looks will surely draw some serious attention. Its made from strong, long lasting and sturdy material. Not to mention the comfort level, its worth buying.  I really cannot compare this chair with the pewrex buzzer.  It will totally depend on one’s personal choice.

Emperor chair

It looks a bit old fashioned for me but it all depends on one’s personal preference. The built quality and comfort is great for the price at which it is sold. The high back provides good back and neck support. Its perfect for home or office.

adiko black chair

This chair is similar to the other high back chairs that I mentioned above. It has a chrome plated metal plate and padded arm rest. The cushioned seat and back will sure make you feel comfortable.

Whether you are a stock broker, business man or a blogger investing in a quality high back chair will surely help you cope up with long working hours.

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Five Best Office Chairs in India under Rs 7000

Picking the best office chairs  for your home or office is really a daunting task. It's not that easy, trust me. You may just run...

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