Windows 8 Input Peripherals Introduced By Logitech

With Windows 8 in the market, Logitech has unveiled three new input devices. These devices only support the input gestures of Windows 8. Well take a look at these input devices (1) Two Sensitive Touch Mouse  (2) Wireless Touchpad


Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Its not like any other mouse, this product offers you the touch functionality throughout the surface.  It will provide you automatic touch navigation and maximum productivity. You also get six touch gestures with Logitech Touch Mouse T620 which speeds up the access through Windows 8 interface.

You will experience fluid navigation on Windows 8 when using Logitech Touch Mouse T620. This device works in a similar manner like touchpad. You get enough freedom in handling the mouse. You can use this mouse as long as you like and as you want and it cause any issues. Just place you finger anywhere on the touch mouse and it works like magic.


Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400

This mouse is equipped with real tangible left and right buttons but unlike the traditional mouse where it has a wheel in the center this device(Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400) has a touch pad which is gesture friendly. The mouse has touch functionality only at one place instead of the entire surface.

Just don’t compare this mouse with the traditional mouse available in the market. Different elements in Windows 8 OS can be easily accessed using T400. With an attractive glassy touch surface it delivers you smooth scrolling both in vertical and horizontal manner. The get the start screen up you just have to click anywhere on the touch surface.

The design and shape of Logitech Touch Mouse T400 lets you browse your tablet or computer for hours without tiring your wrists.


Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650


Are you bored with the traditional touch screen of your desktop ? If yes then this rechargeable touchpad is the right device for you. It has an extra smooth and large touch surface which offers you with multi-finger gesture support which is not available in touch mouse.

It also increases navigation speed as it gives your fingers more room to roam about. You can point, click , drag or scroll by resting your finger anywhere on the touchpad

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