Protect Facebook Account from Spam, Scams and Viruses

Protect Facebook Account

Thousands of  Facebook users  have suffered from Pornographic Wall Spam, Phishing Messages , Comment Spam, Auto Sharing Spam etc. The profile owner may not be aware that the spam is circulating within his friends list automatically. So who is to blame?  Facebook or the spammer? None of them as its the account holder who have given all rights to the spammer to publish status updates , photos etc on his/her behalf.

Are you surprised!  Probably yes, if I’m not wrong. Do you ever remember clicking on an “Allow” button when an application asked you to do so ? Take a look at the below screenshot

wall-post permission

I hope you understood why this is all happening.   Its when you allow a particular application to post on your behalf, including status updates , photos and more.  Most people don’t care about it but regret later. So kindly stop allowing unknown or untrusted applications to post on your behalf and remove the app immediately.

Another example is “Facebook Chat Spam” where you get random weird messages.  Like the below image where one of my friends have sent me a PM saying “I look awesome” and a weird link which is ofcourse a spammy link. My poor friend was not aware that he was infected by Facebook Chat Spam until I informed him about the same.

Facebook spam chat

Apart from the above mentioned spam you may have noticed articles with  titles such as “Oh I can’t believe it…  Could it actually happen” , “Is this your mom? ” , “OMG! Look what happens when father catches daughter stripping on webcam” etc  . This spam spreads when someone clicks on that link and the site spreads the link automatically without you knowing about it.

facebook wall spam

Apart from all those mentioned, certain scams like get dislike button, change Facebook color to red  etc would even get your account hacked.  If you are asked to copy paste a script on your address bar please refrain from doing so and never fall for such fake news. Remember only Mr Zuckerberg and his team can make changes to Facebook and not the so called fake scripts.


How to Spot a spammy post or link on Facebook?

  1. Always keep an eye on the URLs or Links. Hover your mouse on the links before clicking it as it will let you know where its pointing to.(Hover the mouse and check the bottom corner of your screen) . If you find a short link like or etc be cautious and never click on it
  2. Read the links properly, at the first look you would see but giving it a closer look will reveal the correct address example www.
  3. If you see that your friend is sending you messages or posting something like  “OMG! Is that your sister – Hot”  etc its most likely that he has not sent it intentionally and his profile is infected.  Report it to him by clicking on report  link
  4. When you try to play a video and if it asks you to install an app just delete the post or report it as you don’t need an app to play a video on Facebook


Already Infected by Facebook Spam ?  Fix it right now

  1. Change your Facebook Password immediately and create a strong password . Password should include upper case , lower case, numbers , special characters and should be atleast 12-16 characters long
  2. Remove all unwanted apps. Just changing the password wont help, you will need to block or remove the app from your account.

acebook Privacy Settings

To remove unwanted apps , go to settings and then click on privacy settings. Click on apps which is on the left hand side  and now a list of installed apps will be displayed.

Privacy Settings and Tools

App Settings

Simply click on the ‘x’ mentioned next to the app and remove it.

3.  Run a virus scan on your computer as well as Scan Your Infected Facebook Profile using Norton Antivirus App

4.  Go to account settings and click on Security and enable secure browsing, login notifications, recognized devices and end all other sessions except the current session. The below screenshot will give you a better idea.

Facebook Security Settings

5.  Modify your timeline and tagging settings as well.  Review posts in which your friends tag you should be enabled to avoid any unwanted spam on your timeline.  I have marked the below image with a red rectangle, make  sure both are enabled

Facebook Timeline and Tagging Settings


6.  Last but not the least, be proactive. Use the report button to report a spammy link or post and stay safe.

Feedback:  If you liked the article I would expect some valuable feedback.  I love your genuine comments and that what keeps me going.  Kindly share the article and make your friends aware of the same.

Photo Credits:  Massimo Barbieri


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