How to Setup a Professional Email Address with

I know you hate desktop email clients, don’t you ?  Or you may not be happy taking backups every now and then to avoid accidental loss . The most commonly used email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird , Windows Mail. Opera Mail  etc  but, they have some disadvantages which really effects productivity. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Portability Issue
  2. Need regular backups as there is always a risk of losing emails
  3. No Threaded  Conversations Feature

Email conversations come handy when you are dealing with a pesky client or your boss at work .Its important that your emails are easily accessible and automatically backed up at all times. So do we have a choice other than paying Google or any other company for using its Business Apps ? Actually, we do have a free service from Microsoft and I must admit that is amazing and super user friendly.

Steps to setup domain with


  • Click on  the “Get Started” link
  • Enter you domain name and make sure “Set up for my domain” is ticked and click on continue

microsoft srevices experience for your domain

  • Enter Captcha and click “I accept”
  • Now you need to prove ownership of your domain by creating a DNS record.

prove domain ownership

Its very simple, you just need to create an MX record.  If your domain in parked in your Godaddy or Namecheap you will have to create an MX record there or if you have already pointed the name-servers to your hosting account then you can add an MX record via your hosting CPanel.

Once you have created an MX record, go back to and hit the refresh button, If you have entered all the details correctly the status will change to Active. Usually it takes time so be patient. Once your account is active, you can create up to 50 accounts in your domain.

Once you have created an account,  visit, enter your username and password and login.

If you are unsure about creating an MX record please read the instructions below:

How to create an MX record in Godaddy

  • Login and in the domains section, click the launch button

 Godaddy Domain Section.

  • Click on DNS from the top menu and select DNS Manager

 Godaddy Domain Section.

  • Select the domain you want and click on Edit Zone

edit zone

  • Now in the Zone File Editor Area, scroll down to MX (Mail Exchanger). Remove the existing MX records

mx records in godaddy

  • To add a new record, click on Quick Add and enter the details in the respective boxes and save the changes.  (Example : Put @ in the Host section,  MX address in the Points to column)

How to create an MX record in Namecheap

  •  Once you are logged in, click on the domain for which you want to create an MX record

namecheap domain section

  • On the left hand side bar, please click on All Host Records

all host records in namecheap

  • Under Mail Settings, put a tick on User (Mail Server’s Host Name Required) and “I will specify my own MX records ” should be selected.  Now save changes

user mail server host name

  • Enter the MX record in the respective boxes. Put @ in the Host Name ,  add the MX server address in the Mail Server Host Name,  enter the priority in the MX PREF box and then the TTL.

mx record details

  • Once you save changes, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

How to create an MX record in the Hosting CPanel

  • Click on MX Entry under Mail Section

MX entry in CPanel

  • Select the domain from the drop down list
  • Scroll down and delete the existing MX record
  • Then add a new record. Its as simple as that 😉

MX record entry in Cpanel

I hope this tutorial has helped you setup professional email address with If you have any trouble during the process, please don’t hesitate,just leave a comment and I will try my best to answer your query.

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How to Setup a Professional Email Address with

I know you hate desktop email clients, don't you ?  Or you may not be happy taking backups every now and then to avoid accidental...

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